Message From The Founders

Our reason for existing is quite simple. Through thousands of interviews with athletes, and parents of athletes, we heard the same concerns.

Every. Single. Time.

Athlete: “I’m worried I’ll get left behind”
Parents: “I’m worried my kid won't reach their potential”
So we said “enough is enough”, and created Athlete Narrative. We turned your concerns into our obsession so that you don’t need to worry about these any more.
As parents we want the best for our children. We want them to grow into the incredible humans we know they are capable of becoming. But, it’s hard to balance everything when they are an athlete, and there are competing schedules and dreams. As founders, we wanted to be parents first, but needed a way to still help push our athletes. As we took a step back we realized all that went into building a strong brand and presence for anyone, and especially athletes. We became obsessed, in a good way.
We know you understand obsession, because to be an athlete it requires that you are obsessed with refining your skills. You are obsessed with being the best you can be so that you have more opportunities. But how do you get those opportunities if nobody sees you, and your hard work?
It’s not enough to just be passionate about getting to the next level. It has to go further than that, and become an obsession, otherwise it is just a dream that fades. An unfulfilled wish.
So now, let our obsession with building the single most important app for Athletes support your obsession with opening the doors of opportunity for you as an athlete, and hollering from the sidelines as parents and cheerleaders.
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