Is this a recruiting App?
This is an app that can help you get recruited, so it’s more than just a recruiting app. 92% of scouts say they look at an athlete’s social media as part of the recruiting process, and having strong, directed, and well-rounded content helps the athlete show themselves off in the best way possible.
What age needs this?
We have athletes from as young as 5th grade (with parental oversight) all the way up to Veteran professional athletes. The use case changes slightly but having good content on your socials helps, regardless of your playing level. The app helps all athletes get to their next level.
What is NIL?
NIL is an acronym that stands for “Name, Image, Likeness” but what it really means is that athletes can be paid as Influencers now, and not lose college eligibility. Your brand is synonymous with your Name, Image, and Likeness, so it should be built intentionally as an athlete.
Will the app get me scouted?
The app does not get you scouted, but you, using the app as instructed, will draw the attention of more scouts because you will have valuable content on social media that will get you more attention then you would without it. You will also have more tools to be able to get yourself in front of scouts, in the right way.
How do I enroll?
It couldn’t be easier to enroll. Just click “Join the Team” and go through our online checkout process. Then you will need to spend 5-10 minutes taking your “Archetype” test to see what your personal archetype is. That is it
How long does a subscription last?
We believe in our product and its ability to help you, so all of our subscriptions are month to month and you can cancel at any time.
Will my social media following grow?
Producing good and consistent content will grow your following, as well as having an established brand voice. Also, by posting your socials in our “Locker Room” you can accelerate that growth exponentially, by asking other Athlete Narrative athletes to boost your socials.
What do I do if my app isn’t working?
If you are having any technical issues please call our customer service line at 1-877-877-9596, or navigate to our Support page.
What is a demo?
If you may be interested in joining Athlete Narrative but want to ask some questions then just “Schedule a Demo” and one of our trained onboarding coaches will walk you through the process for the app and answer any questions. An email is sent out prior to your demo so that you are prepared.
What if I am under 18 years old?
Lots of our athletes are under 18, and they simply need parental approval to purchase the app. We encourage all parents to stay engaged in their children’s social media process to their own comfort level.
Do I have to post everyday?
We stay abreast of the algorithms for the respective social media platforms, and encourage our athletes to follow our recommendations, because they should be the most up to date possible. Deviating from our recommendations may result in less success. With that being said, it’s important to post regularly and with consistency.
What if I don’t like any of my posting options?
All recommended posts can be edited, so please adjust them so they are a good representation of you. That said, straying too far from those posts will result in a “Narrative Warning” as you can easily stray off of your Brand and lose continuity. The provided posts can help to be an idea generator as well.
What is the Locker Room?
The Locker Room is a safe and anonymous place for athletes to chat about what concerns they have, ask questions, get feedback or boost their socials. It is private to AN athletes only.
What is the Warning?
We give each athlete “Posts” that fit their archetype, sport, age etc, that are on brand for you. If you edit those posts too much then you will receive a warning from us that you may be straying from your brand and there could be consequences. Post responsibly.
What is a Radar Page?
Your Radar Page is your digital resume. While other athletes send out basic info, you can send out your own, custom built radar page that shows whatever you want. This is for you to brag a bit and let people know exactly what they need to know.
What is the “Gym Bag”?
The Gym Bag is a place where your digital resources are stored. App tutorials, ShowCase Videos, QR codes and more, all live in your Gym Bag
What is the “Reports” function on Athlete Narrative?
The Gym Bag is a place where your digital resources are stored. App tutorials, ShowCase Videos, QR codes and more, all live in your Gym Bag
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