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    What they are saying...

    Brandon Barnes

    Former MLB Outfielder

    “Athlete Narrative is the essential tool for young athletes. It helps navigate sports, academics, and personal branding, crucial in today’s digital era. It’s not just about social media; it’s about laying the groundwork for success on and off the field. A must-have for aspiring athletes.”

    Drisan James

    Former NFL Receiver

    “As a former football player, Athlete Narrative’s support could have made a huge difference in my career. It empowers athletes to build strong personal brands, unlocking opportunities both on and off the field.”

    Omar Gonzalez

    Defender FC Dallas, MLS

    “The ease and stress free way that I am able to post, and move on with my day is amazing.”

    Brian Horschel

    College Recruiting and Athletic Specialist

    “This is the most important tool for athletes to get to the next level. I encourage all of my athletes to use the Athlete Narrative app. “

    Adron Chambers

    MLB St Louis Cardenals

    “This will be the next greatest avenue for college and high school athletes.”

    Brooke Patterson

    BSU Golf

    “Athlete Narrative makes my life as a division one athlete so much easier. I love how I can post to all my social media accounts at once, especially with such a busy schedule. Being a creator and not a consumer is so important to me, and I am glad Athlete Narrative aligns with my goals and values.”

    Avery Howell

    USC Basketball Commit

    “I’m a 5-star basketball player who has had a wild recruiting journey, resulting in me playing for USC Basketball. Athlete Narrative is the best platform to help you manage and navigate everything recruiting.”

    Gavin Grahovac

    Texas A&M

    “The AN app has helped me achieve bigger goals and really swing for the fences on what is next for me.”

    Gino Myers-Kyles

    Professional Player Development Specialist

    “If you want to take your skills to the next level, the Athlete Narrative will help you get there, without a doubt.”

    Talia Riser

    Pro Pickleball, Strongwoman, Powerlifter, #1 Arm Wrestler TN

    “This platform doesn’t just offer tools, it offers a community and a path to visibility in the competitive world of sports.”

    Robert Oberst

    World's Strongman Finalist, Actor, "Strong and Pretty" Man

    “Work hard, get big, get strong! Athlete Narrative allows you to do just that for your brand.”

    Sting Ray Robb

    INDYCAR Driver

    “Who you are off the field, court, or, in my case, the racetrack is becoming increasingly crucial, just as what happens during Game time.  The one that controls the narrative told about them controls the game. I can’t recommend Athlete Narrative enough. As someone who has come up the ranks in racing, learning how to get noticed by schools, team scouts, team owners, and fans is a constant battle. Athlete Narrative provides all the tools to make that happen. I wish I’d had the App while climbing the ladder to INDYCAR, but fortunately for student-athletes today, they will have access to the App at a fraction of the cost it would take to have a social media, PR, and management team.”

    Sofia Huerta

    OL Reign, USWNT

    “Athlete Narrative will be a game changer for young athletes. My social branding and online presence has changed my life. I’m excited to see this new future for all athletes.” 

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